Preventing malnutrition in later life

‘Cake Prescriptions’ on BBC

The pioneering Community Dietician Team in Salford was centre stage this week, as BBC One’s ‘Food or Scare’ television show presented a feature on building people up with cake, featuring their workers and material from The Malnutrition Task Force website.

Salford was one of the five pilot sites for the MTF Prevention Programme. Funded by the Department of Health, the Programme sees whole communities – including local NHS trusts, hospitals, GP practices, care homes and community groups – coming together to tackle malnutrition.

The programme, presented by Gloria Hunniford and Chris Bavin, highlighted that older people who struggle to eat enough are at higher risk of low mood and infections, are more likely to have to visit their GP and be admitted to hospital, and are likely to take longer to recover if they need to have surgery.

The show shared Margaret’s story, explaining how she struggled to make meals at home after a fall, but thanks to local dieticians is receiving regular deliveries of cake to help build her strength up.

A dietician explored how a diet that contains higher fat foods, such as cake, can help people who are undernourished and struggling to get back to a healthy weight

Salford’s pioneering paperweight armband’ test was also highlighted. This simple strip of paper, which can be adopted by any service after a short training session, can quickly and easily identify people who may be underweight.

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