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All of us have a role to play in supporting healthy eating and preventing undernourishment in later life, and we want to hear what you have to say.

If you’ve been personally affected by undernourishment in later life, or are a friend or relative of someone who has, we would like to hear your story. Maybe you run a local project to combat malnutrition in your area or are a doctor or nurse who deals with malnourished patients? Again, we’re really interested in hearing your experience.

For all this, or if you simply have a query about the Malnutrition Task Force or something you have read on the website, lesley photoplease contact our Programme Manager, Lesley Carter


Tel: 020 3033 1522

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Our media enquiries are handled by Age UK. For all media enquiries, please contact Media Manager Liz Fairweather:


Tel: 020 3033 1718

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