Preventing malnutrition in later life

Malnutrition is everyone’s business, so why don’t you share your story with us?

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We’re delighted to welcome you to the new Malnutrition Task Force Blog.

With over a million older people at some degree of risk of malnutrition, it is an issue as a society we can’t and mustn’t ignore.

Many factors contribute to malnutrition including decreased appetite, difficulties with shopping and cooking, a tight budget, illness, feeling lonely and depressed – all of which is compounded by the common misconception that it’s normal to lose weight as people age.

All of us have a role in supporting healthy eating and maintaining good wellbeing, whether we are in professional settings such as care homes and hospitals or in our communities with our neighbours, friends and relatives.

We all have a part to play in tackling malnutrition in later life and we’d like our blog to tell that story. We welcome guest blogs from everyone – if you’re an older person who has been affected or a friend or relative who has something to say about the matter we would like to hear from you.

Or maybe you’re a doctor or nurse who deals with malnourished patients or a voluntary organisation that deals with nutrition, it would be great to get your views. Policy makers, planners and opinion formers – please speak up too!

We hope that whether you’ve just dropped by to read thoughts or are thinking of writing something you find our blog informative and insightful. What’s more, we plan to keep this blog updated regularly so please keep checking back for updates!


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