#MalnutritionMonday 2023

#MalnutritionMonday is a monthly social media activity, held on the last Monday of the month. Established by the Malnutrition and Prevention Network (MAPN), it aims to raise awareness of the risks of malnutrition amongst older people.

It provides ideas and tips that can help older people, families and members of the care community to spot the signs of malnutrition and take action to support those who may be at risk.

The #MalnutritionMonday forum brings together organisations and individuals with interests in food and communities to share good practice, and combine efforts to influence awareness and encourage action on malnutrition. 

You can join the conversation on Twitter by following #MalnutritionMonday - we extend an invitation to organisations with an interest in the prevention of malnutrition to like and retweet – let's spread the message far and wide…

Want to get involved?

If you would like to host a #MalnutritionMonday please email enquiries@malnutritiontaskforce.org.uk

Planned activity for 2023


30 January 2023

27 February 2023

27 March 2023

24 April 2023

29 May 2023

26 June 2023

31 July 2023

28 August 2023

25 September 2023

30 October 2023

27 November 2023

11 December 2023



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University of Hertfordshire

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Example Tweets from #MalnutritionMonday
Monday, 28 June hosted by University of Hertfordshire

We hope you’ve found these tips for #LongCovid helpful. For more information on our #COVID19 research and food security, check out our research briefings #MalnutritionMonday

@ARC_EoE  @cripacc1  @Wendy_J_Wills  @amdickinson  @UniofHerts

Monday, 28 June hosted by University of Hertfordshire

If you or someone you know is experiencing taste changes following #COVID19 infection, in most cases your taste will return.

Follow #MalnutritionMonday for practical advice and see below from our UH dietitian

@SimoneR_RD  @UniofHerts  @cripacc1  @uniofhertslms

Monday, 31 May 2021 hosted by HILS

If someone is experiencing a reduced appetite here are a few tips that might help...

HILS @HertsIndLiving

Good Morning... it's #MalnutritionMonday!

Today, we're exploring the impact of reduced sense of smell and taste, on appetite, and health and wellbeing in older adults. Let's start with some of the reasons behind experiencing this...

HILS @HertsIndLiving