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Other websites with useful malnutrition resources include:

BAPEN - a Charitable Association that raises awareness of malnutrition and works to advance the nutritional care of patients and those at risk from malnutrition in the wider community

Care Quality Commission – public body that ensures hospitals, care homes, dental and GP surgeries, and all other care services in England provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. It also encourages them to make improvements

Carers UK – organisation that supports the 6.5 million people in the country who are carers, supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill

Wessex Academic Health Science Network – This local AHSN has developed training packages for health, social care and voluntary sectors on nutrition, as well as care pathways for older people at risk of malnutrition

To see statistics on malnutrition in the UK, please view our Malnutrition Factsheet.

  • Eating enough in later life: Advice for carers

    A guide for carers on how to identify and prevent malnutrition in later life

    Download (500.46 kB)

  • Are you eating enough: Advice for older people

    A guide for older people on how to identify and prevent malnutrition in later life

    Download (489.84 kB)

  • Age UK Salford’s Hospital Discharge, Aftercare and Reablement Service

    An overview of Age UK Salford's Hospital Discharge, Aftercare and Reablement Service. This offers support to patients and their families from the point of entry to the Emergency Village at Salford Royal Hospital Foundation Trust, to discharge support up to six weeks after a patient has returned home.

    Download (251.37 kB)

  • Eat Well Age Well Scotland

    Eat Well Age Well is a new national project tackling malnutrition in older people living at home in Scotland. Eat Well Age Well is brought to you by award winning Scottish Charity Food Train and is funded by Big Lottery.

    Their mission is to contribute to the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition and dehydration among older adults living at home in Scotland.

    For more information visit their website,

  • Wessex AHSN Older People's Essential Nutrition (OPEN) toolkit

    As part of the Wessex AHSN Nutrition in Older People Programme, Wessex AHSN have developed the Older People's Essential Nutrition (OPEN) toolkit.

    The resources include training packages, awareness materials, undernutrition care pathways and evaluation framework. The resources and more information on the project can be found on the Wessex AHSN website, here:

  • An integrated approach to addressing malnutrition in all settings - Derbyshire County Council

    An overview of a project featuring numerous stakeholders in Derbyshire healthcare coming together to tackle malnutrition, following concerns that older people being admitted to care homes from hospitals and the community were malnourished.

    Download (173.78 kB)

  • Eating well - living well: Hampshire’s Community Nutrition Strategy for older people from 2011 to 2014

    An overview of a project from Hampshire County Council which recognised that a more coordinated approach to nutrition could reduce poor nutrition, malnutrition and dehydration among older people in the community.

    Download (279.17 kB)

  • Fine Dining in Care Settings: Raising awareness of good nutrition and improving mealtime experience in Dorset

    An overview of a project, run by the Dorset Local Involvement Network (LINk) and Dorset County Council Health Scrutiny Committee, which looks at the patient’s and/or service user’s mealtime experience in health and social care settings. This was set up as a response to poor awareness on the importance of nutrition among staff in health and social care.

    Download (240.38 kB)

  • Focus on Undernutrition – County Durham

    An overview of "Focus on Undernutrition," a project in County Durham that raises awareness of malnutrition and helps to prevent, identify and manage people at risk of malnutrition in their own homes, care homes and community hospitals.

    Download (140.96 kB)

  • Gateshead Shopping Service

    An overview of Gateshead's Shopping Service, a user friendly service for those unable to do it themselves.

    Download (196.38 kB)

  • Giving Great Advice: Nutritional advice and treatment both face to face and through telephone clinics in the Cambridgeshire community

    An overview of a project from the Nutrition and Dietetic Service (Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust) which provides a nutrition support service for people living in the Cambridgeshire community. The project ensures people at risk of malnutrition receive appropriate advice and treatment.

    Download (224.22 kB)

  • Community Nutrition Support Projects from the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    A Powerpoint Presentation of community nutrition support projects in Wiltshire, devised by The Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

    Download (613.78 kB)

  • Lambeth and Southwark Action on Malnutrition Project (LAMP) focus groups

    An overview of a project from LAMP where they used focus groups to map and scope the current provision of malnutrition services in the community.

    Download (107.68 kB)

  • Leeds Older People Matter Food Group

    An overview of a group created in response to the rising number of older people in Leeds and the growing risk of malnutrition. The group is made up of key officers from NHS Leeds, Leeds Community Health Trust and Leeds City Council. They won the 2012 National Association of Care Catering 'Hydration Award' for their city wide campaign.

    Download (174.86 kB)

  • Mandatory Training for Malnutrition from Gateshead Council

    An overview of a scheme from Gateshead Council which strives to provide mandatory nutritional training for staff working within the sectors of disability and domiciliary care, as well as the meals and shopping service.

    Download (238.55 kB)

  • Providing Much More than Food: High quality nutritional meals provided for elderly and disabled people throughout Hertfordshire

    An analysis conducted by Hertfordshire Community Meals to evaluate the social return created for clients who benefited from the local meals-on-wheels service and their carers.

    Download (223.05 kB)

  • Sharing knowledge and taking responsibility: a three year Nutritional Care Strategy for Adults in Dorset

    An overview of a project in Dorset which has seen community and professional partners coming together to implement a three year Nutritional Care Strategy. Prior to the implementation, it was estimated that 32-42% of care home residents, 25% of those receiving care at home and 14% of the general population in Dorset were at risk of malnutrition.

    Download (244.42 kB)

  • Understanding the views of malnutrition in older people in Salford

    An overview of a survey, led by the Salford Malnutrition Task Force Steering Group, into the community's views on malnutrition.

    Download (328.44 kB)

  • Community Nutrition Support Project in Swindon

    An overview of Swindon's "Community Nutrition Support Project" that aims to improve the identification, treatment and monitoring of malnutrition in adults in the community. Covers care homes, GP surgeries and the wider community.

    Download (168.13 kB)

  • Quality Standard for Nutrition Support in Adults

    A document from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) on quality standards when it comes to nutritional support

    Download (156.11 kB)

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