Man with a Pan: getting older men in the kitchen

Man with a Pan is a weekly club run all over the UK, which helps older men to improve their cooking skills. The interactive healthy eating course is a fun and sociable way for men to cook nutritious meals, improve their skills, learn how to cook on a budget and meet new people. The sociable environment means it is a great place for older men who may feel lonely or isolated.

 “It’s difficult to say which bit is the best part of the club. Mary, who takes the club, is absolutely brilliant.  How she puts up with us is amazing.  We produce some very lovely food and the whole time is great fun.  I’m reluctant to recommend it to anyone else because I feel we are a great group of silly old fools!” – Man with a Pan participant

Contact your local community hub or local Age UK and find out what’s on in your area. Call the Age UK Advice Line on 0800 678 1602. Lines are open 8am–7pm, 365 days a year.