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Our report, State of the Nation 2021, highlights the scale and challenges of malnutrition in later life in the UK today. The report brings together information, statistics, and evidence from across the health and social care system to provide a unique snapshot of what is happening to older people who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.
A short animation about using tools to help start conversations
As we age and life changes, our appetites and nutritional needs can change and sometimes we may find it harder to eat enough to maintain good health and wellbeing. The Malnutrition Task Force have produced the booklet, Eating Well in Later Life, to bring together helpful and practical tips on eating and keeping well as life changes.
The Malnutrition Task Force has developed this resource pack to help identify those at risk of undernutrition.
Lyn’s story shows how malnutrition can affect anyone and why it’s so important to tackle the issue:
A 4-minute video showing how easy it is for an older person to get dehydrated and simple steps to provide support. The video shows an older gentleman (Fred) who receives care at home by his carer (Deepa). It is told from the perspective of Fred's granddaughter.
Having conversations around death and dying can be a very difficult subject for many people. It can bring up uncomfortable emotions so people tend to shy away from it. Let's talk about Death and Dying offers advice on having these difficult conversations.
This website is for everyone. We want it to be a place where everyone can come for information and guidance, and to share good practice and innovation in nutrition and hydration care for older people.