Taking care of mouth and teeth

Maintaining oral health is an important part of keeping well, it’s key to preventing undernutrition. It allows us to eat, speak and socialise without discomfort or embarrassmentloose teeth, poorly fitting dentures and pain, puts us off eating or results in us avoiding certain foods.

If you are having difficulty chewing because of dental problems and a sore mouth, try:

  • cutting food into small pieces,

  • use broth, gravy or sauce to moisten food,

  • mash or puree vegetables, potatoes and fruit.

If you are having trouble with your dentures, you may wish to visit your dentist who can discuss denture adhesives, removable dentures and provide other eating advice.  

Sometimes it is difficult to find a dentist, particularly if you have special needs or difficulties.You could call NHS England's Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 2233. Your local Healthwatch also may be able to give you information about services in your area.

Reports show us that oral care is often lacking for older people who may be unable to carry out their own personal care and rely on others for help. This is particularly relevant in hospitals, community care settings, and domiciliary care at home. Here is some helpful information and ideas http://www.mouthcarematters.hee.nhs.uk/