UKMAW2021 - A focus on themed days

Monday 11th October

Our first day will be about how to identify that people could be at risk of preventable malnutrition. We want to help everybody identify the right resources for them to use, whether they are professionals or members of the public.

There are various tools available to download and please also share these with others.

The tools don’t require any training but here is a short animation that will help.

‘Eating well in later life’ is a resource booklet, which can help start conversations and give some tips and ideas for keeping well. This can be down loaded here. We can also send hard copies out to you, just message

BAPEN will be asking all health and social care professionals to join in with their screening survey, which is needed to help paint a picture of malnutrition in the UK in 2021. To contribute to the 2021 screening survey, click here. Do post on social media about which resources you are using and tell us whether they have been useful.  

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Tuesday 12th October

UK Malnutrition Awareness Week is about raising awareness of the risk of malnutrition. We hope that everyone, the public, carers, family members, and health and social care professionals will join the conversation on #ChallengesTuesday

It’s been very tough over the past year and there have been challenges, barriers and difficulties to delivering good nutritional and hydration care.

We are asking you to come together to tell us about the barriers and challenges you face in delivering good nutrition and hydration.

We also want to hear about your ideas and solutions for keeping yourself and others well hydrated and nourished.

Sharing your tips and success stories will help others beat the challenges 
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Wednesday 13th October

Today our focus on #hydration, as we know it is such an important part of the picture for keeping people well.

Wednesday’s chat is for all things hydration related.  Please share your advice, insights, and thoughts on how to communicate important messages about the dangers of dehydration and the common mistakes people make when they are caring for someone.

This year the National Hydration Network (NHN) will be holding their virtual Annual Conference during UKMAW2021.

This will help to highlight the role of the NHN and demonstrate a shared commitment to improve fundamental nutrition and hydration.

NHN virtual conference - Wednesday 13th October,  the conference is free to attend and will be recorded.

Time: 12:30-14:30 – You can register here, a link to join the conference will come after you have registered.  

Aim of NHN Conference:

To provide an overview of progress and challenges related to fundamental hydration care; including updates on new hydration initiatives / programmes of work/ education and training / research/ products/ impact of Covid-19 / dehydration & antimicrobial resistance / AKI/ mouth care / upskilling of health care workers/ staffing levels, recruitment and retention / AOB.

Request for speakers

Please email Naomi Campbell direct if you would like to give a short presentation related to your specific area of interest.  If you can’t join on the day, you are very welcome to submit a pre-recorded presentation. 

Thursday 14th October

Thursday sees our focus shift onto access to food and nutrition.

What does this mean to you?

  • This may mean the provision of nutritional support or artificial nutrition for people at risk of disease-related malnutrition.
  • It may be about meals-on-wheels or home delivery of ready meals. 
  • It could also be about getting food to vulnerable older people during the pandemic.

When lots of people were very worried about their access to food and nutrition, many individuals and organisations pulled out all the stops to make sure people were getting what they needed.

Why don’t you tell us about anything you have done locally?   We’d love to hear about examples of initiatives that you have seen or delivered locally to support people at risk in your area...

Do you have ideas or tips that could help to support people better?

This is a great opportunity to share ideas in practice – together we can improve knowledge and motivation!

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Friday 15th October

Friday’s focus is all about getting winter ready – colder weather, winter bugs, loneliness and additional financial pressures are with us through every winter.

This year, winter is likely to pose a greater challenge. Older people need to be supported to plan to keep themselves well through winter.

Together we need to raise awareness of keeping well this winter to older people. Good nutrition and hydration is key to keeping well through winter.

There are tips and ideas here.

Please join the conversation and point your contacts in the direction of the resources and share your experiences, advice, and reflections.

It is vital that nutrition is thought of alongside other aspects of preparedness. 
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Saturday & Sunday 16th/17th October

Do you know any #NutritionSuperheroes?

To mark the end of UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2021 we are asking you to tell us what it takes to be a nutrition superhero – we think (and hope!) it means different things to different people.

Tell us who your hero or heroes are, or even just why you think there should be more superheroes around.

We are also on the hunt for people who have survived nutrition challenges and those all-important family carers who are getting to grips with nutrition challenges.

Let’s end the week on a high by celebrating success and inspiring people to make the changes they can to keep more people well.

Post your images on social media.