We need your help - COVID19

Hello, it’s the Malnutrition Task Force (MTF) calling…

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the MTF is planning on how we can best help and how you can help us.

As a start, we are asking you to:

  • Sign up or sign up again to the MTF using the web site here to fulfil our GDPR responsibility and to enable us to have an efficient up to date database to get information out.  
  • Follow us on twitter so that we can get important information out quickly @MalnutritionTF

As you know the MTF is closely aligned to Age UK, I’m sure you can imagine the calls to the Age UK information and advice line and website has increased significantly, and we can only expect this to grow.

Currently any questions or enquiries that come via the Age UK website or the advice line that are loosely concerned with food are passed onto the MTF to respond. We want to respond with the most up to date information, ideas and practical tips to help keep older and vulnerable people hydrated and well-nourished as well as offering Q&A for call handlers to use.  We also want to be able to provide information and practical ideas to professionals and formal and informal carers.

The MTF feels that one positive and useful way we can help is to offer to be a co-ordinating and signposting hub. We will offer our website as a centre to signpost, share and learn.  We envisage the hub will share case studies and stories, resources, research, services…in fact, anything that you, our stakeholders, think would be useful and helpful to share at this time.

To be a bit more specific, we would like to hear:

  • what you think would be helpful to develop in the way of information to supply to our advice line
  • Ideas of some of the challenges that you think our communities are going to face further down the line and what could be done to help.
  • How we can best all link up with helpful resources etc.
  • What additional roles could the MTF take
  • Tell us about any other ideas that you’ve got.

Email your ideas to enquiries@malnutritiontaskforce.org.uk

To make this work we will need our website pages filled with top quality information and helpful links and we need you to provide content to populate the pages. I’m happy to host conference calls to discuss the MTF and your plans and how you can get involved.

In the meantime, resources, positive practice and blogs can be uploaded here. How we will best manage developing the website is undecided; we will be proactive; it will be flexible. PLEASE SEND CONTENT and we will post it on to the website as soon as possible

In the first instance, we are designing new landing pages for dietitians, care homes, catering and food providers, special diets providers, community services and voluntary sector organisations and anything else that you identify to is needed.  What we need is you to help populate them so that we have the most up to date information.

So Please …

Keep safe and we look forward to hearing from you

Dianne Jeffrey, Chair, Malnutrition Task Force

Lesley Carter, Programme Lead of Malnutrition Task Force and Clinical Lead at Age UK

Nutricia, Bapen, Apetito,