The Patients Association Nutrition Checklist

The Patients Association Nutrition Checklist helps patients and staff working in health and social care identify the potential risk of undernutrition in adults, and provides signposting to information and sources of help to those likely to be at risk.

There are two versions of the checklist: one for use by patients and their families, and the other for health, social care and volunteers supporting them. You can use the checklist to identify your own risk of malnutrition, or the risk of malnutrition in someone you care for. The checklist offers advice on next steps and tips and ideas for eating such as contacting local organisations. 

Download the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist:

The Checklist was developed by the Patients Association in collaboration with several health, social care and voluntary sector providers including Bournemouth University, the Malnutrition Pathway (Managing Adult Malnutrition in the Community), and Wessex Academic Health Science Network. You can read more about the development and testing of the checklist on the Patients Association website.

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