#UKMAW2023 Learning Event

Monday 6th November at 10:00 am

We can be stronger together if we all play our part - joining together for #UKMAW2023 to raise awareness and tackle preventable malnutrition and dehydration with a focus on older people.

How to join the Learning Event Zoom Meeting

URL: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81548888007


Meeting ID:

815 4888 8007 

The Learning Event programme

Time Speaker Presentation title
!0:00 Lesley Carter, MTF Lead Welcome
10:10 Dianne Jeffery, CBE DL, MTF Chair MTF Chair opening remarks
10:25 Kate Hall, MSc, RD, FBDA, BAPEN & MTF Highlights from the recent MTF Poll - 'something to get your teeth into!'
10:40 Phil Shelly, Senior Operational & Policy Manager and Natioinal Lead for Net Zero Food, NHS England 'Empowering recovery' - National Food Standards in Healthcare
11:15 Neel Radia, National Chair, NCC Meals on Wheels - The value of nutritional support in the community
11:30 Emily Stuart, Dietitian, apetito Addressing nutritional challenges with Specialist Nutrition solutions - Finger food for people living with dementia
11:55 Break - 25 minutes  
12:20 Professor Jane Murphy, TOMATO Lead and Dr Gladys Yinusa, Post Doctoral Researcher - TOMATO Project Identifying the signs of malnutrition in people with dementia at home: TOMATO Project
12:50 Richard Sloggett, Founder & Programme Director, Future Health Research Findings from the policy research report ‘Hiding in plain sight – tackling malnutrition as part of the prevention agenda.’
13:15 Diane Bunn, Associate Professor of Nursing Research at the University of East Anglia.
Abbie Parish is a Health and Community Support Coach with Age UK Norwich
Drinking well at our age (in the community)
13:45 Angela Dickinson, Senior Research Fellow working in the Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care at the University of Hertfordshire What makes older people vulnerable to malnutrition and what can we do to help?
14:00 Lexi Rees, Clinical Lead Dietitian, Dementia | Wellbeing – Community Team A stepped-care approach to preventing malnutrition in people living with dementia
14:20 Lewis Hornby, Founder & CEO of Jelly Drops Designing for Dementia - 'What I learned about hydration and nutrition in dementia care through developing Jelly Drops'
14:40 Jenny Lippiatt, Age UK Programme Manager - Professionals & Practice, Health Influencing Older people and vaccination: where are we?
14:55 Ellice Parkinson, Research Associate & 4th Year Postgraduate Researcher at the University of East Anglia Things to consider when supporting care home residents living with dementia to drink findings from the D-DRINC Study
15:20 Sophie Barrett, Age UK Programme Officer, Professionals and Practice Health Influencing Winter Resilience
15:30 Lesley Carter, MTF Lead Sum-up and Close

Please feel free to share with colleagues who may be interested. 

#UKMAW2023 posters – once again, we have a range of supporting posters for download and other resources that can be ordered for free.

We know that many of you won't have the capacity to join us on the day, so the Learning Event will be recorded and each session will be posted later on this website.

This means that you will be able to either watch online or download to view later. 

Lesley Carter

Don't forget to join in the rest of the week... 

  • Monday we have the learning event and the start of MAG national screening survey. The portal can be found on the MTF and BAPEN websites
  • Interactive Tuesday – we want you to post on social media your challenges, your solutions, and your innovations. A selfie card can be found here - along with other resources 
  • Wednesday is about access to nutrition – share you challenges and success 
  • Thirsty Thursday – share your innovative ideas to get people drinking. 
  • Robust and Resilient Friday, get ready for winter this year’s vaccines: Winter advice for professionals (Age UK); Advice on keeping warm and well in winter (Age UK); click here for flu vaccine information and click here for Covid vaccine information - the more we look after ourselves the more resilient and robust we become
  • Weekend celebration of nutrition heroes – who is your nutrition hero? – who needs an extra shout out? – let us know on social media.

Keep an eye on X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook and post your innovations using the hashtag #UKMAW2023

Call to action 

Let's work together in raising awareness of preventable malnutrition for older people to:

  • Raise awareness of preventable malnutrition for older people to policymakers, politicians, professionals older people and their families,
  • Engage policymakers to raise the profile of preventable malnutrition as a public health issue,
  • Help members of the public understand the risks and causes of preventable malnutrition and know how to access resources and tools,
  • Ask health and social care professionals to routinely screen to spot the signs  and symptoms of malnutrition early – and take action to treat,
  • Engage with MTF and BAPEN websites for up-to-date information and resources to help recognise, prevent, and treat malnutrition.