UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2021

The MTF and BAPEN welcomes you to #UKMAW2021

UK Malnutrition Awareness Week is now in its fourth year and we invite you to promote your activities and join the conversations on social media. You can send photos, blogs and anything that you would like to share to

UKMAW was co-founded in 2018, by the Malnutrition Task Force (MTF) and BAPEN with the aim of raising awareness and understanding the risks of preventable malnutrition across different sectors and settings, in local communities and with the general public and health and social care professionals.

#UKMAW2021’s focus is to Ask, Look, Listen

We really are all in this together and if we all play our part together, we can become stronger to raise awareness and tackle preventable malnutrition and dehydration. We know that before COVID19 the risk of malnutrition in the community was a huge problem for older people.

Read our joint Mission Statement here.

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Watch our new animation about how to use tools to start conversations about eating well in later life

As the winter approaches, we must take action to raise awareness of preventable malnutrition. We also need to alert communities that many older people may find themselves more vulnerable than ever before.

Many older people have become less physically mobile, have experienced loss, bereavement sadness and loneliness. Many lack confidence, are reluctant to go out and have worries about their mental health and general well-being.

Health and social care services, voluntary sector and community food providers are stretched and struggling to keep up. There are already concerns over the difficulties that older people may experience in buying, preparing, cooking, and eating food. Many may not be getting the help to eat and drink when they need it.

Call to Action this year for #UKMAW2021

The MTF wants everybody to Ask, Look, Listen for signs of risks of preventable malnutrition in the older people that we love or care for.

Ask about appetite - are there difficulties in shopping or food preparation; do they need help to eat and drink; do they feel they are eating and drinking ok; what about fridges and food cupboards, is there enough food?

Look for signs of unplanned weight loss, loose clothes and rings, small appetite, or loss of interest in food. 

Listen carefully to what you are being told, it may not always be about eating and drinking directly. Pandemic life has been tough for people and has led to feelings of loneliness and sadness, a lack of interest in life, and worries about well-being. We are asking everyone to do something, start conversations with older people; ask questions, look at who is at risk, listen to the problems they may face and find solutions.

The MTF is asking you to share your ideas, tips and suggestions to ensure everybody has access to enough food and drink and timely nutritional care when they need it.

You can share your ideas, practice and tips through:

#UKMAW 2021 – a focus on themed days

  1. Monday 11th October
  2. Tuesday 12th October
  3. Wednesday 13th October
  4. Thursday 14th October
  5. Friday 15th October
  6. Saturday and Sunday 16th, 17th October

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